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The average semi-truck weighs roughly 20 times more than the average car. Size matters when it comes to getting into an accident with a large truck which is why these types of crashes always result in serious injuries or death. When dealing with an Atlanta truck accident, you want to make sure that you hire the best Atlanta truck accident lawyer for you and your family to get you the results you deserve. These cases are often worth a lot of money when handled by a firm that knows how to win them. You want to hire Tabbaa Law. Call now to discuss your case further.

Common Causes of Atlanta Truck Accidents

The large size and weight (especially when fully loaded) of a truck means that they have a lot more limitations than your average passenger car. These limitations are also the cause, or contributing factor, of so many major and minor truck accidents, including:

  • More and bigger blind spots: While you may have a couple of blind spots in your car that you know to account for—trucks have more and much bigger blind spots that contribute to a significant number of accidents every year on Atlanta roadways. Trucks have blind spots all around them, not just on one side or in one place.
  • Increased stopping distance: A significantly larger distance is required for a truck to be able to fully stop. A truck needs roughly three times more distance to do a stop than the average car and that number goes up depending on the size and load of the truck. What this means for cars, motorcycles and pedestrians near a stopping truck is that they do not always have time to make fast reactions and stop in time to avoid an accident.
  • Rollover accidents: Higher cars have a higher chance of a rollover accident so it should come as no surprise that a trucks rollover rate cause a lot of accidents and injuries. Unfortunately, these rollovers often happen on other cars or serve to cause multi-car accidents in their wake.
  • Truck maintenance: Keeping a truck in working shape requires a lot of work. Whether by accident or omission, the failure to properly maintain the truck and its’ working parts serves to contribute to major and minor accidents on a regular basis.

Like any roadway accident, truck accidents are not just attributed to the limitations of the truck. Driver error and exhaustion and training deficiencies also serve to cause life-changing accidents.

Who is Responsible for Atlanta Truck Accidents?

When you get into an accident with a truck or have lost a loved one in this type of accident, who exactly is responsible for the accident? The answer depends on the specifics of your case and in many instances, there may be more than one responsible party we are going after in your lawsuit. Potential defendants in your case include not just the driver behind the wheel but also their employer, the truck owner and even the parts manufacturer. For this reason, Atlanta truck accident can be worth a lot of money—well over $1,000,000 because these larger defendants carry such large insurance policies to cover accidents like yours. But like any insurance company, they will fight aggressively (and often unfairly) to give you as little money as possible.

Our goal as your Atlanta truck accident attorney is to hold all responsible parties fully accountable for their role in your accident and to maximize your settlement. Want to know how much your case might be worth? Call us now to discuss the details of your accident and get an accurate idea of the value of your truck accident case. And if you happened to already receive an early settlement offer from the other side—do yourself a favor and get it reviewed by us before accepting it! Offering an early low-ball offer is a common tactic of insurance companies taking advantage of victims without a lawyer—these offers are almost always significantly lower than what we can get you.

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