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Who Is Held Liable for Uninsured Driver Collisions in Georgia?

08.30.22 | Posted By Jay Howard

Georgia outlines its minimum liability car insurance requirements on its state website. Here, residents can learn more about what protection they’re required by law to have before taking to the road in the Peach State. Drivers who do not secure this protection won’t have the….

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Understanding Multi-Car Collision Liability in Georgia

08.18.22 | Posted By Jay Howard

Getting into a car accident with a single vehicle is stressful in its own right. Dangerous environmental hazards and/or negligence can make these accidents even more complex, though. Multi-car collisions compound your existing losses and make it more difficult for you to recover. Fortunately, there….

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Who Is Held Liable for Damages After a Car Accident With a Company Vehicle?

08.13.22 | Posted By Jay Howard

When you get into an accident with a private vehicle, the question of liability is relatively straightforward. If the other driver is on the clock, however, you may need help determining who to hold responsible for your losses. Some corporations are willing to take on….

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Can You Sue a Car Manufacturer After a Defect Causes Your Car Accident?

05.10.22 | Posted By Jay Howard

Car manufacturers selling cars for profit are legally responsible for ensuring the safety of their vehicles. This legal responsibility is known as the duty of care. When manufacturers fail to take reasonable steps to protect consumers from harm, they can be held legally responsible for….

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4 Key Differences Between Truck and Car Accident Claims

05.05.22 | Posted By Jay Howard

The difference between car and truck accident claims

On a surface level, truck and car accident claims may seem quite similar. However, there are significant differences between the two. While car accidents can be devastating for those involved, truck accidents are almost guaranteed to have devastating effects on those in smaller vehicles. The….

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Can a Car Dealership Be Liable for Your Accident Injuries?

04.12.22 | Posted By Jay Howard

Can a Car Dealership Be Liable for Your Accident Injuries?

When you drive your shiny new car off the lot, the last thing you expect is to be involved in a car accident. You certainly don’t expect the dealer to possibly be at fault, though this is precisely what can happen. Depending on the circumstances….

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How to Avoid Semi-truck Blind Spots

04.05.22 | Posted By Jay Howard

Tips to avoid blind spots from semi trucks

When sharing the road with semi-trucks, avoiding blind spots is one of the best ways to stay safe, given the size of these rigs. Despite your best efforts, though, sometimes collisions happen. When they do, working with an Atlanta truck accident lawyer is your best….

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How to Hold a Street Racer Responsible for Your Injuries

03.03.22 | Posted By Jay Howard

Hold street racers responsible for auto injuries

If you have ever driven down a highway or road, you may have encountered street racers that zoom past your vehicle at high speeds. These moments are often alarming and worrisome. Although it is unsafe to drive at higher speeds and zig-zag through traffic, many….

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What Evidence Do You Need to Prove Distracted Driving in Georgia?

03.01.22 | Posted By Jay Howard

Evidence of distracted driving in Georgia

A distracted driver can easily add an unnecessary risk of causing an accident with other drivers. Many factors can contribute to the prevalence of car accidents. However, distracted driving is entirely preventable. Every driver has the responsibility to act in a manner that does not….

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Who Is Liable in an Accident with a Self-Driving Car?

01.08.22 | Posted By Jay Howard

Self-driving cars are being touted as a future-forward innovation that allows people to make the most of their time on the road. Some of these vehicles have “self-driving” features like lane-keeping that promote enhanced safety mechanisms for human drivers, while others are advanced enough to….

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