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Most Dangerous Holiday Gifts

Author: Jay Howard

The holidays are a time for celebration and cheer, and in some instances, gifts galore. When you choose gifts, you’re likely trusting that the manufacturer and retailer have taken the appropriate steps to ensure safe use. However, this is not always the case. Understanding some of the dangers of certain gift types is imperative to protect those on the receiving end this holiday season.

Tabbaa Law has represented numerous clients who gave gifts to their loved ones to disastrous results. Having this knowledge of the most dangerous holiday gifts can help keep your loved ones safe and best determine what kinds of gifts should be omitted from your list.

Top Dangerous Holiday Toys

Toy dangers can range from motorized options to toys with too many small parts that small children can quickly ingest. This year’s top dangerous toys can be parsed out by category.

Riding Toys

While some riding toys have safety features that make them safer, many — specifically non-motorized scooters — are responsible for numerous holiday injuries among children. These injuries could include cuts and bruises after a fall or even much more severe injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury if the child in question was not wearing protective gear.

Magnetic Building Sets

While these toys may encourage creativity in children, they pose a unique threat in terms of choking hazards. Because they are magnetized, they don’t simply pass through the digestive system if swallowed. Instead, they try to connect through the tissue in the body, impacting tissue, blood vessels and organs.

Pull Toys

Pull toys might seem like harmless Christmas list inclusions, but they are also choking hazards. This includes play phones with cords or animals making up a chain. They are especially popular with toddlers, but those with longer cords can easily get wrapped around the child’s neck or around one of their arms or legs, constricting them when they move.

Inexpensive Plastic Toys

You might be tempted to fill your child’s stocking with small plastic toys and trinkets. These toys are often made with harmful chemicals, including toxic levels of lead or chromium. They can cause serious, long-term effects on health, especially when children put them in their mouths.

Defective toys can also be dangerous, causing injury to children due to damaged parts or mechanisms that do not operate properly.

Holiday Gift Safety Checklist

You can take some steps to ensure that your gifts are not dangerous or harmful. Some ideas include:

  • Purchasing gifts that are age-appropriate, especially for smaller children.
  • Checking for product recalls for gifts you purchase, with an emphasis on toys, electronics, or items with moving pieces and parts.
  • Registering new products so that you remain updated on all the latest information, including any recalls.

If you do end up purchasing a gift that results in injury or harm, consult an Atlanta personal injury lawyer. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the product purchase, you may have a viable claim.

Review Your Case with an Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

Holiday gifts should complement your celebrations, not ruin them entirely. If you or your loved one has been harmed by a gift due to a product defect or negligence on the part of the manufacturer, you deserve to be compensated. At Tabbaa Law, we hold those responsible for creating and selling these gifts accountable for your injuries. No one deserves to have their holiday celebration ruined by this level of carelessness.

Reach out to Tabbaa Law for a free case review by calling (770) 370-7881. You can also reach out via our online contact form to learn more.

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