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While there is no dispute that helmets save lives, riders wearing them can still get into serious or deadly accidents. Getting hit even by a slow-moving car, motorcycle or truck is simply not a fair fight to a totally exposed bike rider trying to get to work or enjoy a nice workout outside. If you have been hit in Atlanta while riding your bike, the Atlanta bike accident lawyers at Tabbaa Law are here to help you get the compensation you deserve. Filing a personal injury bicycle accident case can be worth a lot of money and the sooner you hire us the sooner we can begin working towards that check. We take all our cases on a contingency fee basis– call now to set up your totally free consultation.

How to Win a Bicycle Accident Lawsuit

Who are you suing when you get hit or injured on your bike? There are two usual defendants in these types of accidents: the insurance company of the driver or the city/state. The sad reality of Atlanta biking is this: most drivers do not look out for riders and many streets are poorly maintained and full of injury-causing hazards. A lawsuit not only holds these parties responsible for their actions but also helps get you money to help cover the impact the accident has had on your life, and more. Here’s what you need to know to win your Atlanta bike accident:

  • See a doctor: Too many accident victims make the mistake of not seeing a doctor immediately or shortly after their accident either because they don’t want to, or they can’t afford it. Seeing a doctor not only helps you figure out ways to start feeling better, but is also provides essential documentation of injuries caused by the accident. And if you can’t afford a doctor, we get that and are here to help set up a medical lien so you can get the medical attention you need now and pay when you can.
  • Document everything: What were you doing when you got hit by a car or crashed because of a dangerous road condition? Pictures, memories and eyewitness accounts are all helpful pieces of evidence we use to prove your strongest case possible. The sooner you start the documentation process, the better as evidence and memories are always best fresh.
  • Call Tabbaa Law: Don’t miss out on recovering much-needed funds by trying to handle your case on your own or mistakenly waiting until the Georgia statute of limitations passes. We know how to win bike accident cases for the most money possible and are ready to get started as soon as you call.

How Much is Your Atlanta Bicycle Accident Worth?

The more injuries and other impact your bike accident has on your life, the more it is worth but you need to take action. A winning case can get you paid for things like current and future medical needs, missed work, disability needs, pain and suffering and much more.

Like most personal injury and wrongful death cases, the policy limits of the responsible party are usually the most you will get for your accident. Translation: if your case is worth $200,000 but the driver that hit you has a policy limit of $75,000, it can be hard getting more than the limit. This is one of the reasons a skilled Atlanta bike accident lawyer can help. If the defendant in your case is the city or state for a dangerous road condition, then the payout ability is there but these are notoriously complicated cases with strict filing deadlines so you want to act now.

Getting into a major or minor bicycle accident can leave accident victims financially strapped. We get that and are here to help not just work to get you money, but also help you in the meantime with things like:

  • Medical liens
  • Access to pre-settlement loans
  • Alternative transportation

Our Experienced Bike Accident Lawyers in Atlanta, GA Are Here To Help

When you hire Tabbaa Law, you hire a law firm that is dedicated to you from day 1. If you have been injured in an Atlanta bicycle accident, we would love to help get you maximum compensation for your injuries. Hiring a skilled Atlanta bicycle accident attorney at Tabbaa Law is easy—it only takes one call. We are ready to get started the moment you hire us so get in touch now.

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