Who Is Held Liable for Uninsured Driver Collisions in Georgia?

08.30.22 | Posted By Jay Howard

Georgia outlines its minimum liability car insurance requirements on its state website. Here, residents can learn more about what protection they’re required by law to have before taking to the road in the Peach State. Drivers who do not secure this protection won’t have the….

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Understanding Multi-Car Collision Liability in Georgia

08.18.22 | Posted By Jay Howard

Getting into a car accident with a single vehicle is stressful in its own right. Dangerous environmental hazards and/or negligence can make these accidents even more complex, though. Multi-car collisions compound your existing losses and make it more difficult for you to recover. Fortunately, there….

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Who Is Held Liable for Damages After a Car Accident With a Company Vehicle?

08.13.22 | Posted By Jay Howard

When you get into an accident with a private vehicle, the question of liability is relatively straightforward. If the other driver is on the clock, however, you may need help determining who to hold responsible for your losses. Some corporations are willing to take on….

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How Much Is a Burn Injury Claim Worth in Georgia?

07.25.22 | Posted By Jay Howard

Man receiving care for his burn on his arm.

When you or someone close to you suffers a burn injury, your immediate focus is on recovery. Burn injuries differ from other injuries in that they typically involve a substantial, expensive recovery process. The CDC estimates that 1.1 million people suffer burn injuries every year,….

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Who Is Liable for a Burn Injury in Georgia?

07.14.22 | Posted By Jay Howard

Young kid contemplating on whether or not to touch a hot stove and risk a major burn.

Any injury that happens to a person can be devastating in its effects. But of all the different types of injuries, burn injuries are among the worst. Not only are they immediately painful and traumatic, the ongoing effects usually last throughout the burn victim’s life…..

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Understanding the Long-Term Effects of a Burn Injury

07.07.22 | Posted By Jay Howard

Female burn victim receiving medical care from an EMT.

Burns are among the worst injuries a person can suffer. Studies from Research America found that the United States sees over $1.5 billion spent per year on burn-related medical costs and the average cost of a burn-related trip to the hospital costs $24,000. Such costs….

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5 Bicycle Laws to Help Riders Avoid Accidents in Georgia

06.21.22 | Posted By Jay Howard

Damaged bike in the street in Georgia auto collision.

Our state of Georgia has beautiful scenic views for travelers and natives alike. Better yet, a bicycle is both a convenient and environmentally-friendly way for many people who desire a dependable mode of transportation or to get some exercise. However, even the most careful bicycle….

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Who Is at Fault for a Crosswalk Accident in Georgia?

06.09.22 | Posted By Jay Howard

Woman using a crosswalk in Georgia.

When most people think about car accidents, they think about collisions between two or more drivers. But another, often more dangerous category of accident occurs when a person is struck by a driver while walking through a crosswalk. Data from the Governor’s Highway Safety Administration….

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The 4 Most Common Causes of Burn Injuries

06.02.22 | Posted By Jay Howard

Woman burning herself while ironing her husbands clothes.

No matter how it occurs, a burn injury is often serious and carries with it long-term effects, both physical and psychological. According to the American Burn Association, over 400,000 people suffer burn injuries severe enough to require medical treatment each year. Such numbers indicate a….

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Can You Sue a Car Manufacturer After a Defect Causes Your Car Accident?

05.10.22 | Posted By Jay Howard

Car manufacturers selling cars for profit are legally responsible for ensuring the safety of their vehicles. This legal responsibility is known as the duty of care. When manufacturers fail to take reasonable steps to protect consumers from harm, they can be held legally responsible for….

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