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Review by Humza Khan

It is rare to find a lawyer who cares for their clients like Sami Tabbaa. While he was working on my case he made sure to walk me through the whole process beforehand. This is something I really appreciated because I had never gone through this process before. He would always keep me updated on the status of my case, and made sure I was able to get as much compensation for my injuries as I could. I would highly recommend him for any legal issues you have! He is very knowledgeable and does a great job of making sure his clients are well informed. We need more lawyers like Sami Tabbaa!

Review by Tahsin Faruque

Attorney Tabbaa was initially hired for a consultation around a legal matter I did not know much about. After meeting with him, I was immediately struck by how knowledgeable of an attorney he was. He explained complicated legal matters to me in a way that was easily understood and recommended the best course of action, even through it was an initial consultation. I hired Mr. Tabbaa as my attorney on record and was very pleased with his services and the settlement amounts he was able to procure. I highly recommend him to anyone needing assistance with personal injury or insurance related legal advice.

Review by Drew Johnson

Mr. Tabbaa is honest, dependable, and made everything easy to understand. I’m very happy I hired him as my attorney and go to him now for all my legal needs.