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When you’re doing everything you can to stay safe and healthy, getting hurt because of someone else’s reckless behavior is frustrating. To heal properly from an accident requires a lot of rest, care, and money that you may not be prepared to spend. It’s unfair that you would have to deal with these things because someone else was acting irresponsibly. As a victim of negligence, you deserve justice and compensation for the losses you’ve suffered, and you shouldn’t have to fight alone. Contact Tabbaa Law so you can have an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side. 

Common Outcomes of Personal Injury Accidents in Dunwoody

After a personal injury accident, people often focus on their physical injuries. Understandably, medical expenses and the monetary losses they’ve suffered from paying medical bills are at the forefront of most people’s minds. Still, personal injury accidents come with a host of consequences you may not have considered in addition to your physical injuries.

Vehicle Repairs and Alternate Forms of Transportation

If you were involved in an auto accident, then you’ll likely have to pay for vehicle repairs. On top of trying to get your vehicle fixed or finding a new vehicle if your car was totaled, you will need to find alternate transportation to do what you need to do like go to your doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping, and work. It can be challenging and expensive to navigate living without your own car. You may have to use public transportation, a rental car, or rideshare services to go places, and those expenses add up very quickly.

Loss of Income and Future Job Prospects

People involved in personal injury accidents miss out on earning their income because of their injuries. This largely stems from having to take time off to recover, go to appointments, and deal with the other after-effects of your accident. In addition, it may also be difficult for you to complete your regular tasks once you’re able to return to work. Even after recovering, some tasks may be difficult for you to do because your injuries are severe enough to limit your mobility. These limitations could, in turn, impact your potential future job prospects.

Decline of Mental Health and Quality of Life

The degradation of a person’s mental health is not always easy to see, but it is just as important as every other outcome of a personal injury accident. When you’re injured, you have to figure out how to navigate your life in a new way, and this can be challenging and often very disappointing. Many people have trouble coming to terms with being unable to do certain things anymore. These accidents can also leave you with emotional trauma and chronic physical pain that could require professional mental health services to manage.

Types of Damages That You Could Recover in a Dunwoody Personal Injury Claim

Every victim of a personal injury case experiences some loss. No accident comes without consequences. As a sufferer of these losses because of a negligent act, you can recover damages from the negligent party. When you pursue damages, you’re fighting so that a negligent party will be legally obligated to compensate you for the losses you’ve suffered due to the accident they caused. You can pursue compensation for multiple different types of damages.

Compensatory Damages

Compensatory damages seek to reestablish the victim’s financial, physical, and emotional well-being by assigning a monetary value to their injuries. The intention behind compensatory damages is to put the victim in the position they would be in had they never been injured. The liable party can compensate accident victims for economic and noneconomic losses. 

Noneconomic losses can be challenging to calculate because they account for things you lose that don’t necessarily have an exact monetary value. For example, you can recover damages for pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of consortium. Economic losses account for losses that have a verifiable monetary value, such as: 

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Burial and funeral costs
  • Vehicle repairs

You can often acquire a mix of both non-economic and economic losses when it comes to your claim.

Punitive Damages

Georgia accident victims may be able to recover punitive damages. Punitive damages are only awarded in cases where the court deems the negligent party’s actions excessively careless. These damages are intended to punish the negligent party and deter similar behavior from occurring in the future. Punitive damages are typically awarded in cases that involve someone’s actions causing another person to be injured, such as drunk driving accidents, medical malpractice, and trucking accidents.

What Should I Do After a Personal Injury Accident in Dunwoody?

Personal injury accidents can be overwhelming. Your body hurts, property may be damaged, and there are insurance and legal matters to deal with if you want to file a claim. All of this can be messy and confusing. It’s best to stop and take a moment to think carefully about everything that needs to be done to resolve your case quickly and with the best outcome. 

Following an accident, there are a few measures you should take to ensure that your rights and interests are preserved. Generally, you’ll want to look into these steps following a personal injury situation:

  • Get a medical evaluation
  • Report the accident to the necessary parties
  • Document the scene
  • Gather witness statements
  • Consult a personal injury lawyer
  • File a personal injury claim

Following the appropriate steps after a personal injury accident can benefit your health and your case when filing a personal injury and insurance claim.

Hire a Qualified Dunwoody Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury cases are tangled webs that can only be unraveled by the most qualified personal injury lawyers. Attempting to file a claim alone could result in you accepting an assignment for much less than what you deserve. A good lawyer can help you shoulder the burden of developing a solid strategy, evaluating your case’s value, fighting for you in court, and negotiating with your insurance company. A good lawyer will be able to secure the maximum payout for you so you can get back to living your life.

Sami Tabbaa is the lawyer you need to work on your personal injury case. He has successfully handled thousands of cases and dedicates his time and energy to seeking the maximum level of compensation for his clients. Attorney Tabbaa is passionate about being a valuable resource for anyone who has been involved in an unexpected accident. To schedule your consultation, call (770) 370-7881 or submit our contact form.

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