Avoid These 4 Common Accidents on Halloween

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Avoid These 4 Common Accidents on Halloween

Author: Jay Howard

Halloween is the one day a year kids look forward to dressing up as their favorite characters and trick-or-treating. Unfortunately, Halloween can be one of the most deadly days of the year for children. With so many children walking the streets in dark costumes, there is a higher risk of an accident occurring.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has estimated that over 4000 Americans suffer a Halloween-related injury every year. While some injuries are preventable with a little care and caution, other injuries are caused by the people around you. Negligent persons who do not reasonably try to prevent injuries should be held accountable, and an Atlanta-based personal injury attorney can help you hold such people accountable.

4 Common Accidents to Avoid This Halloween

You and your children should be able to enjoy a safe Halloween together. The following are four of the most frequent Halloween injuries to avoid this year:

Slip and Fall

People celebrate Halloween by decorating homes, spending time with family, and planning/making costumes. Unfortunately, it is common to trip and fall on lawn props that are positioned over the sidewalk and hard to see at night.

Though less of a problem in Georgia, late October can produce freezing temperatures. Freezing weather leads to ice, and ice leads to slips. If you are on someone’s property and slip and fall because of Halloween decorations, the property owner could be responsible for your fall.

Insufficient Security

Any venue that is running a Halloween event must protect their visitors. Haunted houses/mazes must make efforts to keep customers as safe as possible. Any actor in the haunted house that takes their job too far may cause a patron to accidentally hurt themself when trying to get away.

Pedestrian Accidents

Atlanta-based car accidents involving pedestrians are also common on Halloween. Drivers will exercise caution on Halloween because there are more small children out at night; however, kids wearing masks or dressed in all black are incredibly hard to see. If the driver is wearing a costume that blocks part of their vision, they may not see another car coming down the street. Even at a slow speed, a car hitting a pedestrian can be serious.

Distracted/Drunk Driving Accidents

Drivers could be more distracted than usual on Halloween. They might be paying attention to the various costumes and giving less attention to the road. Drivers who are in an unfamiliar neighborhood could be looking at Google Maps for directions and not making sure trick-or-treaters are out of harm’s way. Some drivers may try to drive home after having some Halloween cocktails. Unfortunately, there is a higher chance of car accidents occurring on Halloween night.

Contact the Experienced Atlanta-Based Personal Injury Lawyer at Tabbaa Law

Halloween is meant to send shivers down your spine for fun, not because someone else’s carelessness led to an injury. You can protect yourself and your family by being aware of the risks associated with Halloween. If you have been injured because of someone else’s negligence, Attorney Sami Tabbaa is here to help.

Attorney Tabbaa is not a cog in the wheel at a big law firm. He is a dedicated person running his own law firm, Tabbaa Law. He will give you the time and attention you deserve and do his best to recover the financial compensation you need. To learn more about Tabbaa Law, schedule a free case review by filling out our contact form or calling (770) 370-7881.

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