Five Tips for Staying Staying Safe during a Road Rage Incident in Georgia

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Five Tips for Staying Staying Safe during a Road Rage Incident in Georgia

Author: Jay Howard

Road rage might seem, on the surface, like a relatively benign issue primarily characterized by drivers screaming angrily at others in traffic within the confines of their vehicles. However, sometimes road rage incidents spin out of control, leading drivers to pursue, intimidate, harass, and even harm others on the road.

Georgia is a unique amalgamation of rural and urban roadways, especially around metro areas like Atlanta. As such, heavy traffic can sometimes be an issue, spurring drivers to experience road rage if others don’t respect the rules of the road as well as they should. Given the extent to which some drivers can exhibit aggression, staying safe is paramount when it comes to road rage issues.

Tips for Staying Safe during a Georgia Road Rage Incident

If you find yourself involved in a road rage incident, one of the best things you can do is take steps to ensure your safety as well as the safety of others in your vehicle and on the road around you. Here are five tips for staying safe during a road rage incident in Georgia.

Lock Your Vehicle Doors

If you are in a road rage confrontation, the first thing you should do is lock your vehicle doors to protect yourself from the other driver. This is especially important if the other driver is threatening you.

Avoid Escalating the Incident

If the other driver is yelling, gesturing, or threatening you, try to avoid responding. You are safest if you avoid escalating the incident beyond where it already is. Moreover, if you respond, you might further enrage the other driver to the point where they engage you in a physical altercation.

Find a Safe Place to Stop

If you have to pull over, don’t do so on the side of the road. If the other driver follows you, you might end up in an altercation with no one around to help. Instead, pull over in a safe place, like a police station, hospital, or even a convenience or grocery store. The more people around, the more likely there will be others around to render assistance as needed.

Do Not Go Home

Your first inclination might be to go home if involved in a road rage incident. However, the other driver may follow you. Instead, find a safe place and don’t lead the aggressive driver to your home.

Call For Help If Need Be

If the situation has escalated to the point where you feel your safety is compromised, use your mobile device and call 911. While using your phone while driving is not typically advisable, it may be one of the best ways to get help quickly in this emergency.

The more effectively you can employ these tips, the more likely you can remain safe should you find yourself amid a road rage confrontation.

Get Advice from a Georgia Car Accident Attorney

If you are involved in a road rage incident that results in a collision or if you suffered any injury, it is best to seek legal counsel from our car accident attorney. At Tabbaa Law, we understand how scary road rage incidents can be, especially if they result in damage to your vehicle or person. We may be able to help you resolve the issue in a way that gets you the best possible outcome. Schedule a free consultation by calling us at (770) 370-7881 or contact us online to learn more.

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