5 Top Safety Tips to Help Avoid a Bicycle Accident

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5 Top Safety Tips to Help Avoid a Bicycle Accident

Author: Jay Howard

Getting around via bicycle is becoming increasingly common as people look for alternative and more eco-friendly modes of transportation. Add to the mix roads with bicycle lanes and other changes to create a more bike-friendly environment, and there are more cyclists on the road than ever. However, riding a bike more frequently, especially as a mode of transport, requires a few road safety tips that you may not have had to consider before.

5 Safety Tips to Help Avoid a Bicycle Accident

Implementing safety tips when riding a bicycle can help guard against collisions, which can have devastating consequences for potential injuries.

Wear Reflective Material

One of the common reasons that motor vehicle drivers collide with individuals on bicycles is that they don’t see them until it is too late. One of the safest ways to operate a bicycle on or near a roadway is to wear high-visibility, reflective clothing, helmets, and accessories. This ensures that those in motor vehicles see you, no matter what time of the day or night you choose to ride.

Ride with the Flow of Traffic

Accidents are more likely to occur if you go against the traffic flow. It might feel disconcerting to ride with your back to traffic, but it is safer if you are on a bike and ingratiating yourself with the rest of the motorized vehicles flowing in traffic around you.

Act Like a Car

This might seem like a strange bicycle safety tip, but it may be one of the best ways to stay safe when you’re on two wheels. Vehicle drivers obey traffic rules, stop at lights when appropriate and go with traffic flow. They are more likely to pay attention to you on a bicycle if you are doing the same thing. If you use the fact that you are on a bike to disregard the traffic rules, it may be easier for cars to stop paying attention to your presence on the road. This, in turn, makes riding your bike inherently more dangerous.

Keep Your Hands on Your Bike

Sure, you may be able to sit up on your bike and just peddle hands-free, but when you are riding in or near traffic, this makes an accident more likely. Keep your hands on your bike at all times, as this allows you to respond to shifts in traffic as needed. Moreover, keeping your hands on your bike ensures that you can quickly swerve out of the way should a car venture too far into the bike lane.

Always Use the Bike Lane

If there is a bike lane available where you plan to ride, use it. Drivers are accustomed to accommodating riders in the bike lane. Moreover, these lanes were created specifically for individuals on two wheels. Therefore, even if you are in an accident with a vehicle that ventured into the bike lane, your case is made stronger by the fact that you were exactly where you should have been on the road.

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