What Should I Do If I Feel Hip Pain after a Georgia Motorcycle Accident?

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What Should I Do If I Feel Hip Pain after a Georgia Motorcycle Accident?

Author: Jay Howard

Motorcycle accidents can cause significant injuries, even with the proper protective equipment. This is especially true if the collision occurred with a car or other larger vehicle. Feeling pain after any accident is expected, which is one of the reasons it is imperative to seek medical treatment after an accident, even if you feel you don’t need it. However, it is particularly critical if you feel localized pain in an area as important to your mobility as your hips.

What to Do If You Feel Hip Pain after a Georgia Motorcycle Accident

If you feel hip pain—or any other pain, for that matter—following a Georgia motorcycle accident, seek medical attention immediately. Often, in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, adrenaline is coursing through your body, bolstering you in the moments after impact. With the exception of severe accidents, this allows you to extract yourself and assess the damage. You may even be able to talk to the police, take pictures and get yourself home without feeling any pain.

However, the adrenaline sometimes covers up injuries you did incur. Whether you feel hip pain or not, seek medical attention immediately following the accident. Seeking treatment ensures you undergo the proper diagnostics to make sure that everything is okay or receive the appropriate treatment if you have sustained an injury. If you are experiencing hip pain following your accident, don’t ignore it or write it off as soreness. You might be overlooking a more serious injury that can cause further complications with time.

Additional Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident

Immediately after seeking medical attention following your accident, reach out to a competent Georgia motorcycle accident lawyer. Tabbaa Law recommends that you seek the services of a legal professional before taking further steps so that you don’t inadvertently do anything to compromise any future claims you might pursue. After all, depending on the circumstances surrounding the collision, you might have a case in terms of compensation due to the carelessness of the other motorist or entity.

Motorcycle accidents can significantly impact your life, from injuries indicated by hip pain to loss of income and loss of your mode of transportation. Working with a reputable Georgia motorcycle accident lawyer can help ensure that you receive any damages you may be due, given your injuries in the collision.

Consult with a Georgia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Experiencing pain after a motorcycle accident can be a sign of more extensive damage than you may have initially believed you incurred. Tabbaa Law is well-versed in pursuing the necessary compensation to ensure that you have the time and space to heal properly. If you have been in a motorcycle accident, you may be due damages for your pain and suffering as well as other negative impacts on your life.

Take the first step by reaching out to see how we might help. Call Tabbaa Law at (770) 370-7881 to schedule a free consultation or reach out online to learn more.

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