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Car accidents, whether a small fender bender or a complicated multi-car accident, are nearly always frustrating. You may have injuries, lost work time, and transportation issues to worry about, and on top of that all, you’re worried about getting compensation for your damages.

At Tabbaa Law, we want to make the weeks and months following your collision more bearable by helping you through the process of negotiating with insurance companies to retrieve your due compensation. The sooner you get in contact with an injury lawyer, the sooner you’re able to file a car accident claim against an offending party, and the sooner you can benefit from post-accident financial support.

How to File a Car Accident Complaint in Roswell

If you want to bring your car collision to the attention of a civil judge, you have to file a civil claim. Car accident claims serve as documentation of your accident. These documents allow you to elaborate on the value of your losses, the nature of your accident, and what compensation you believe that you’re owed.

You must present your car accident claim to a county clerk in Roswell within Georgia’s statute of limitations if you want to take action against another party. This is the case regardless of who you want to hold liable for your losses. In Georgia, Ga. Code Ann. §9-3-33 doesn’t allow you to file a car accident claim more than two years after your accident.

Filing a claim while contending with car accident injuries can be a challenge. You don’t have to organize your paperwork alone, though. You can contact our Roswell, GA, car accident attorney instead. We can build your case while you focus on restoring your pre-accident quality of life.

Georgia Assigns Liability by Assessing Accident Fault

Georgia interprets accident fault by assessing the percentage of damage a party allegedly contributed to a collision. For example, our team can assess your behavior at the time of an accident to determine if you can be held liable for a percentage of your own losses.

At the same time, we use those same calculations to determine how best to hold other parties liable for your losses. Assigning fault isn’t always a straightforward process, though. You need to look at the evidence on the scene if you want to name the appropriate party liable for your car accident losses.

Holding Other Drivers Accountable

Your first instinct may be to blame another driver for the losses you endured in a car collision. In many cases, this is the right move. Other drivers can be liable for your losses if they were operating privately-held vehicles when your collision occurred. 

It’s your responsibility, however, to prove that another driver violated the duty of care owed to you at the time of an accident. You can do this by providing evidence that shows that another driver was:

  • Texting and driving
  • Driving while distracted
  • Flagrantly disobeying roadway laws
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Deliberately trying to cause you harm

Once you’ve drawn a connection between your losses and another driver’s inappropriate behavior, you can more effectively argue for compensation in civil court.

Holding Corporations Accountable

The driver who collided with you may not always be liable for your accident losses. If the driver was at the wheel of a company vehicle, responsibility for your accident may fall to that company. 

That said, corporations will take extreme steps to try and get out of paying you fair compensation for car collision losses. You, then, need to know when to hold these parties accountable. Most of the time, you can name a corporation liable for your roadway losses if:

  • The driver who caused your collision was on-duty at the time of the accident
  • The corporation considers the driver a full-time employee, not an independent contractor
  • The driver was/is protected by company insurance

Don’t let a corporation try to write an employee off as an independent contractor after an accident. You can collaborate with our firm in Roswell to make sure the right party gets named in your civil claim.

Car Accident Claims Help You Collect Damages

The purpose of a car accident claim is to help you fight for the financial support you need to recover from your accident. To request this support, you need to calculate the economic and non-economic value of your losses. We do this by first assessing the physical damage you took on after your accident.

For example, you’re likely to receive bills for any medical care you request after a car accident. You’ll also receive bills for mechanical repairs. You may even lose wages while recovering or be denied opportunities to find new work. We calculate the sum of these losses and demand that a liable party compensate you for them.

We also use multipliers to establish any non-economic losses tied up in your case. These multipliers can cover emotional distress, pain and suffering, and even wrongful death. You can learn more about the multipliers that may apply to your case during a car accident case consultation.

We’re Ready to Schedule Your Case Consultation

Roadway negligence is more and more often the cause of severe accidents in the Peach State. If you think someone’s inattention or deliberate misconduct resulted in your roadway losses, you have the right to take legal action. You can work with a car accident attorney in Roswell to hold applicable parties accountable in civil court.

We want to give you every opportunity to explore your avenues for post-accident financial support. If you’re ready to meet with a talented car accident lawyer at Tabbaa Law, arrange a free case review with us. You can reach out to us through our contact form or call our office at (770) 370-7881.

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