How Can Driver Negligence Cause Scooter Accidents in Georgia?

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How Can Driver Negligence Cause Scooter Accidents in Georgia?

Author: Jay Howard

As scooters have become more sophisticated and even electric in some versions, people use them for more than play. Motorized scooters have become especially common among those looking to ride a short distance to school or work or even those sightseeing around a new city. However, the influx of scooters on the road has created an increased chance of collisions with larger motor vehicles. Increased awareness of drivers can go a long way towards avoiding accidents with scooter riders who have little to no protection during a crash.

Understanding how driver’s negligence may play a role in scooter accidents in Georgia is essential to scooter safety. Some areas of Georgia are prone to heavy traffic, such as the metro Atlanta area. This may create a more dangerous environment for scooters to operate on the road alongside other larger vehicles.

How Does Driver Negligence Cause Scooter Accidents in Georgia?

Driver negligence can cause scooter accidents in Georgia when individuals ignore the presence of scooters in and around roadways. This is especially pertinent in areas where tourists use scooters to get around local hotspots, cross major intersections, operate in vehicle lanes, or use bike lanes to navigate certain areas. Drivers should be aware of scooters at all times and give them as wide a berth as possible to avoid any collisions.

However, driver negligence comes into play when drivers do not pay attention to the presence of a scooter in their vicinity or don’t take steps to ensure the safety of those riding a scooter alongside their vehicles. Drivers may inadvertently swerve into a scooter operating alongside them on the road or sideswipe a scooter in the bike lane. Speeding drivers or those engaged in distracted driving are also dangerous to people operating scooters. This kind of negligence creates conditions ripe for filing a claim for those scooters riders injured in such a collision.

What Should Scooter Riders Do after a Collision?

Suppose you have been injured in a scooter accident and aren’t sure how to proceed. In that case, the first thing you should do after filing a police report and seeking medical attention is seek the services of an Atlanta scooter accident lawyer. Tabbaa Law will help you determine how to best proceed so that your interests are protected in the situation and your ability to file a claim remains intact.

Depending on the extent of your injuries, you may be due compensation for the negligence displayed by the driver in the accident.

Review Your Case with a Knowledgeable Atlanta Scooter Accident Lawyer

Filing claims for scooter accidents occur less frequently than other types of collisions. However, as scooters become an ever-increasing option for transportation, especially across short distances, the prevalence of these crashes is likely to increase. When this happens, you need a knowledgeable Atlanta personal injury lawyer to rely on to protect your interests in the situation. Tabbaa Law can help you sort out various strategies to ensure that your pain and suffering are not overlooked following a scooter accident in Georgia.

Start with a free consultation of your case by calling us at (770) 370-7881 or reaching out online to learn more.

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