How to Avoid Semi-truck Blind Spots

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How to Avoid Semi-truck Blind Spots

Author: Jay Howard

When sharing the road with semi-trucks, avoiding blind spots is one of the best ways to stay safe, given the size of these rigs. Despite your best efforts, though, sometimes collisions happen. When they do, working with an Atlanta truck accident lawyer is your best chance to avoid financial ruin if the driver or insurance company attempts to evade accountability. 

Tabbaa Law has spent years working with drivers whom the negligence of semi-truck drivers has harmed, and many times, the trucker’s blind spot has been to blame. 

Tip to Avoid Semi-truck Blind Spots

Avoiding semi-truck blind spots is sometimes easier said than done. Consider a few tips that might help: 

  • Don’t tailgate semi-trucks. The closer you are driving behind them, the less likely they are to be able to see you. 
  • Avoid driving to the right of the truck. This is typically the biggest blind spot a semi-truck driver has and is most likely to be the side on which they might swipe you if they are trying to get over and don’t see your vehicle. 
  • Always look for the driver’s face in the mirror before attempting to pass a semi-truck. 
  • Use your turn signals earlier than you might use them for other smaller vehicles. This gives the truck driver plenty of time to see your signal and anticipate your movement on the road. The more forewarning you can provide to a semi-truck driver, the more time they have to react, given the size of the rig. 

Ultimately, the more you can avoid these big rigs, the safer you’ll be when sharing the roads with them. Giving a healthy amount of space is key to avoiding collisions. 

What to Do if You’ve Been Involved in a Semi-truck Accident

If you’ve been involved in a semi-truck accident, you should call law enforcement to report the accident. If you are injured, make sure to seek emergency care on the scene and allow the paramedics to take you to the nearest hospital for an evaluation. If your injuries are not extensive, remain on the scene and move your car off the road if it is safe to do so. 

Take tons of pictures from every angle of the accident so that you can provide them to your Atlanta truck accident lawyer. Reach out to us at Tabbaa Law as soon as possible so that we can walk you through the next steps to preserve your right to file a claim down the road. Even if you are not injured, it is always good to get checked out at the nearest medical facility to ensure that the adrenaline does not mask possible injuries. 

Schedule a Consultation With an Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer 

If you’ve been injured in a semi-truck collision, reach out to an experienced Atlanta truck accident lawyer to learn your options. Because of the size of these rigs, collisions can be life-changing, and you may be due compensation for any negligence displayed by those involved in the incident. Semi-truck drivers are trained to consider blind spots when driving, so if you are the victim of an accident due to your positioning on the road, you should not be left with the financial fallout of such a traumatic incident. Tabbaa Law has an extensive background in helping people who have been involved in these kinds of accidents to file compensation claims with successful outcomes. We may be able to help you as well. 

Start with a complimentary case review to learn your options by calling us at (770) 370-7881 or reaching out online to learn more. 

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