Who Is Liable after an Uber Accident in Georgia?

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Who Is Liable after an Uber Accident in Georgia?

Author: Jay Howard

Rideshare services like Uber have become the norm as people have found them to be a convenient mode of transportation. However, given the novelty of these services, there are still some gray areas when it comes to collisions. For instance, if you get into a crash with an Uber driver, it is not clear whether the driver is responsible or if that responsibility falls to Uber as a company. Knowing where to turn after a collision is key to holding the appropriate party responsible for such a situation.

Who Is Liable after an Uber Accident in Georgia?

When an Uber driver is involved in a car accident, the driver is typically the one that assumes liability for the collision. The reason for this is that the driver is the one operating the vehicle. Moreover, since it is their own vehicle, they carry the insurance policy on it. Many insurance companies have begun to issue policies specific to rideshare operators, as some claims have been denied after the insurance company found out the collision occurred when the individual was transporting passengers for Uber.

Depending on the driver’s insurance policy, coverage may not extend to other vehicles involved in the collision or injuries suffered by a passenger. Such an issue is especially pertinent when insurance companies find out the driver was using the vehicle for rideshare purposes if they claimed on their policy it was used for pleasure or simple commuting. This is where the rideshare companies themselves are pursued for compensation, since the driver was operating in service of the company in question.

Why You May Need Legal Assistance after a Rideshare Accident

One of the reasons you may need the help of an Atlanta rideshare accident lawyer is because Uber has been known to avoid responsibility for collisions involving their drivers. The company has said that they are not liable for accidents because the drivers are independent contractors and not employees. This means that Uber is typically unwilling to pay for those victimized by negligent drivers or other vehicles that may have been impacted by a crash.

As such, Tabbaa Law has had to fight for compensation from major rideshare companies like Uber to ensure that they do what’s right after someone driving for the company gets into an accident. We will pursue every avenue necessary to ensure that rideshare companies and negligent drivers are held responsible for their role in any rideshare accidents.

Learn More From a Reputable Atlanta Rideshare Accident Lawyer

As people continue to use rideshare services with increasing frequency, understanding the nature of responsibility regarding accidents is imperative. As an Atlanta rideshare accident lawyer, Tabbaa Law has already logged numerous successful case outcomes for individuals involved in rideshare accidents with companies like Uber and Lyft. We understand how complex it can be to determine responsibility in these situations and the extent to which corporate conglomerates and their insurance companies will go to avoid accountability.

Learn more about your options with a free case review. Call us today at (770) 370-7881 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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