Why Big Law isn’t Best for Your Atlanta Personal Injury Case

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Why Big Law isn’t Best for Your Atlanta Personal Injury Case

Author: Sami Tabbaa

Let’s start with this: big law isn’t bad. But a big law firm is rarely the right choice when you are looking for the best Atlanta personal injury lawyer for your case. Keep reading to find out why. 

How to Find the Best Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

So why isn’t bigger better? Here’s some reasons and tips on how to find the best Atlanta personal injury lawyer

  • Google: Like lots of people looking for pretty much everything, if you are Googling your way to your legal representation following a car, bike or truck accident, you are likely to see large law firms at the top of the first page. This isn’t because they are who you should hire (although that is their goal) it’s because they paid the most money to be there and quickly get your attention. At Tabbaa Law, we like to invest our time and energy into our firm and our clients, not advertising.
  • Support staff: If your case is worth less than $100,000, a big law firm is likely to happily take your case and then hand it off to their support staff to do the work. Not having the attorney you hired work on your case can mean money lost, delayed timelines and communication frustrations among other things. A smaller firm can give you more personalized attention and more importantly, keep a lawyer rather than support staff working on your case to get you the most money possible.
  • Availability: Want a case update? Want to talk to your attorney directly about something? Both those things are actually harder when you work with a big law firm over a small one. At Tabbaa Law, we know how important it is to feel your lawyer is working for you and your case is moving forward which is why we always make ourselves available to our clients when they need us. When your lawyer is available to you around the clock, it also means they are working on your case on a daily rather than monthly basis. Getting you the most money possible as quickly as possible is always our primary goal for our personal injury and wrongful death clients. 

Atlanta personal injury cases can be worth a lot of money when handled correctly by your lawyer, which is one of the many reasons why you never want to try to do things on your own or go with a firm that does not put you and your case as a priority.

Atlanta Personal Injury Law Firm—Tabbaa Law

At Tabbaa Law, we are here to get you the most money possible following your accident and our work begins the day you hire us. Let our winning track record and client-centric approach give you the support you need during this difficult recovery time. It only takes one call—get in touch with us now to schedule your free consultation. 

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